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70 Buick GS Convertible


The details on the 1970 Buick GS Stage 1 cars are well known. GM finally lifted its corporate ban on engines larger than 400 cubic inches in an intermediate body, and Buick responded by stuffing a 455-cubic-inch engine into the restyled GS. The 455 featured standard cold air induction through functional hood scoops, and was notably more powerful than the 400 it replaced. But if that wasn't enough, the Stage 1 package brought an even bigger cam, bigger valves, and a revised carburetor. Buick said all this work amounted to 360 horsepower but in reality, most testers believed that that number to be somewhere north of 400. Then there's the astonishing 510 lb-ft. of torque, a number surpassed by only a handful of GM products, past or present. At the time, Motor Trend magazine declared that the GS Stage 1 was, "the quickest American production car we've ever tested."



It should go without saying that this car runs as well as it looks, with that monster 455 lighting off instantly and idling like it doesn't know it has more than 500 pounds of torque on tap. It's just amazing that they could extract so much power from these engines and still keep them street friendly with the refinement Buick customers would demand. It moves down the road like a brand new car, completely tight and rattle-free, which is what you should expect from a perfectly restored piece.



This car also sports one of the nicest interiors we've seen recently on any car. 100% stock, of course, but fitted and assembled with so much more care than the General could ever manage on an assembly line. The top is wrinkle-free and folds effortlessly into its well without bunching. The dash is fully restored and features fresh gauges, including the tachometer and clock. The steering wheel, shift lever, pedals, and everything else you touch in there has been meticulously restored to factory fresh condition. The original Sonomatic AM radio pulls in local stations loud and clear, and we even have a factory 8-track ready to be installed if that's something you think you need.

1970 Buick GS Convertible

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