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72 Buick GS


Pop the hood of the 1972 Buick GS and take in this time warp. It absolutely goes without saying ALL of the hard parts are the originals, and the miles rolled onto the odometer so slowly that its last full tune up was when Ma Bell was still whole: The spark plug wires are dated the second quarter of 1982. There's a new Delco battery, fresh plugs, hoses, belts, fluids and filters, and that's it. If it's here the Flint plant bolted it on, end of story. That's the original motor, carburetor, distributor, air pump, air cleaner, paint on the motor, dust on the firewall, you name it. This is a PERFECTLY preserved car.



The original interior simply needs to be seen to be believed. Seriously, we didn't think the General actually made cars this nice in the 70's. The dash pad is straight and soft, the gauges are perfect and bright, all switchgear operates as designed, the radio is loud and draws in stations perfectly and the seats are absolutely amazing with no wrinkles, tears, pulls...nothing. You'll be hard-pressed to find a muscle interior as nice as this one, especially an all-original one.



The finish on this car is astounding. A factory black car with original paint that looks this good? Wow! Flint must have known about the $113 up-charge or they knew it was going to a dealer because there are so few waves, orange peel is minimal, and coverage is excellent. Either way, they definitely went above and beyond the call of duty on this special car. Chrome bumpers and trim pieces are original and flawless. Lights and lenses from the ORIGINAL '72-specific Guide/T3 bulbs to the taillights are like new. Stainless trim pieces shine thanks to their careful polishing. All of the glass is original and perfect.

Price 1972 Buick GS $59,900

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