1996 Callaway Camaro for sale

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1996 Callaway Supernatural C8 500 Camaro


This particular C8 (indicating that this car is the 8th project undertaken by Callaway) is a '96 model in 500hp trim. Callaway owners may cry foul at the 500 rating, but Joanne at Calloway confirmed that this was an LT4 435hp car converted to 500hp "export specs." She also said it was likely the only one ever built! We have the Callaway's exclusive CamAero body kit went on, and the entire car was repainted at the body shop at Calloway. 18" OZ Monte Carlo wheels wrapped in the ORIGINAL 245/40/ZR18 front and massive 295/35/ZR18 rear BFGoodrich Comp T/A ZR's. Poking out from behind the front wheels is a Callaway-spec "F-40" Brembo big brake kit with slotted and drilled rotors, with Brembo high performance rotors and pads bringing up the rear. Callaway's exhaust with the familiar "Double D" tips lies underneath, and is an off road unit that sounds amazing. Also underneath is the uprated suspension with urethane bushings. Under the hood you'll find the Honker intake and upgraded clutch kit bolted to the engine.



Pop the hood to view the engine—other than a strut tower brace bar and the Callaway Honker intake the car looks stock! Take a closer look, though, and you'll find the stainless tubular headers, the Callaway-spec Trick Flow aluminum heads and a couple other giveaways. There are a number of SuperNatural cars running around in stock appearing trim—pity the fool who ran into one of those! On debut in '93 the C8 has been in various magazines, most notably Motor Trend who dubbed the car the "World's Baddest Camaro" in May 1994. The sleek aero package was penned by noted automotive designer Paul Deutschman, who also designed the body kits for Callaway Corvettes from the Sledgehammer forward.



Aside from its almost unheard of rarity and its immaculate condition, the car's a wild card in the collectable market as the prices of custom vehicles have been flying at auctions and online. This car's as pedigreed as it gets with Callaway paperwork, exclusive body work and tremendous power—this is a custom that belongs in any high end collection!

Price 1996 Callaway Camaro for sale $39,900

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