1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

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1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible


Modern underpinnings and a classic shape—that's the recipe for Pro Touring. Well, if you're going to go, you might as well go all out, and we did that here: This is a true triple black 1971 Barracuda convertible with an Arrington Racing 6.1 liter Hemi, a TREMEC TKO500 transmission, four wheel disc brakes, an RMS front suspension, and a Dana rear end. Expertly sorted, drivable beyond belief and VERY fast this reborn 'cuda is set to tear up any street you care to throw at it!



Rather than get the tried-and-true 426 crate engine everyone else has, went out and purchased an Arrington Performance 6.1 Liter SRT-8 Hemi, with Arrington-calibrated EFI from FAST. With 535hp on tap we have enough power to keep up with just about anything, with much better reliability than any old carbureted mill. Arrington Engines even stands behind their motors with a three year/36,000 mile warranty! Imagine trying to finagle that out of Chrysler on one of the Chinese built HEMI crate engines! We built this car to drive…anywhere you want, anytime you want. Drive it to work, drive it to the Dairy Queen, and take it on the Power Tour. This car starts promptly, idles for long periods in traffic without overheating, and fries the tires upon command—trust us



1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda shaker hood was a must, as it's easily the coolest option you could order for an E body. The SRT intake doesn't point straight up, though, so we had to do something different to get the look. We ended up custom fabricating a shaker hood assembly that bolts to the hood itself. That surprises the heck out of people when we raise the hood! Back underneath a new Sinister Pulley Systems serpentine system is up front, working with the Vintage Air setup. We needed the HEMI to stay cool, so we threw in a beefy four core Be Cool radiator with a cooling fan that kicks in automatically at 180 degrees. We threw on a pusher fan on the condenser as well for those especially hot days—this is a black car, after all!

Price on this 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda $149,000



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