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1972 Camaro Z28

1972 TRUE Z28 CAMARO with the Rally Sport Option. I have had it for eight years and I just want a change. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this beauty! She Drives great! You won't be disappointed!



**Very Rare, very desireable 1972 Midnight Bronze Camaro Z28 with the RS option. MYTH #1 only 70 1/2's were split bumper....** NOT TRUE** (Any RS was a Split bumper from 70-73'; 67-69 were hideaways) MYTH #2 is that Horsepower dropped significantly. This also is NOT TRUE it went down 10 actual H.P. at the block from 71. The factory had to show Net HP instead of Gross HP in 72 because of the new 7% escise tax law that came into effect. The Z28 went from 275 horsepower to the ground in 71(330 at the block); to 255 to the ground in 72(320 at the block). In 1972 Chevrolet almost shut down production on Camaros to accomodate the new laws. Only 68651 Camaros were built in 72 and a mere 2575(lowest production) were Z28's with no idea how many were RS optioned.

 bought the car in September of 2000 in Yorba Linda California. It has the LT1 350 all #'s match with #'s matching TH 400 transmission. It has the 4:10 Posi rear end #'s matching also. The car was Orange with Black stripes when I got it and over the last eight years I slowly restored it piece by piece except for a few things that I think she still needs to be perfect. It is not a true ground up restoration because I felt it did not need it. It is very very clean and the body is in excellent condition with no rust. I have a lot more pics of the process from start to finish. Have more pics.


2004-Complete engine rebuild with roller tip rockers installed with a competition 500 lift 288 duration cam. Heads were completely gone through. Both engine and heads were dipped and magnifluxed for cracks etc. (New rings, etc) Crank was good but had to turn it .10 rod bearing slipped so this was the reason for the overhaul. At this time a 2500 stall torque converter was intalled for maximum performance. The engine was done locally by a well know race engine builder and car builder in CDA Idaho.(reference will be provided). She holds 50 to 60 pounds oil pressure at idle.

1972 RS SOLD

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