1969 Dodge Superbee

1969 Dodge Superbee

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1969 Dodge Super Bee


One of the most correct A12 cars anywhere for any price, this stunning Super Bee is in a class by itself. Combining major league research, stellar looks, a brash appearance and six pack provenance this green 'Bee is a blue chip from start to finish.



This 1969 1/2 Dodge Super Bee has new, shiny paint outside is the first thing you notice. Spring Green Metallic looks awesome on the car, the body is exceptionally straight, the gaps are excellent and the doors close perfectly. Open the doors to reveal zinc plated latches and strikers as well as excellent paint in the jambs. Up front you'll find a freshly re-chromed bumper underneath a perfectly restored grille before moving up to that mammoth black hood. The riveted hood pin bezels are correct (only steel hoods got screws) as are the short lanyards. What little brightwork on the car (these weren't meant to dazzle you with chrome!) is in superb shape with an excellent shine. The rear bumper is also rechromed and sits below a perfect, correct late style taillight set. Four correct gloss black steel "H" wheels are wrapped with brand new F70x15 Goodyear redlines (Goodyear doesn't make G70's yet, but we'd rather run the right brand.) The glass is all new and date coded. ZERO corners were cut on this car!



Pull the four pins to reveal the incredibly well detailed, date code correct engine. This 1969 Super Bee has a correct 054 radiator up front, hooked up to the motor by reproduction radiator and heater hoses with correct Corbin clamps, all from Frank Badalson (i.e., they're the best you can buy.) Date coded correct spark plug wires connect to the original A12-specific dual point distributor and ride in reproduction wire looms. The original air cleaner assembly hosts a correct reproduction air cleaner element and hides the rebuilt and detailed carbs complete with the proper choke and fast idle solenoid assemblies. A new ballast resistor and wiper motor take up residence on the firewall next to the new master cylinder and engine wiring harness. The battery's right, with new cables, the correct PCV valve and hose are in place, a correct date coded belt, a date coded coil…the list goes on! What's really special, though, is the amount of time and effort put into getting every fastener correct, and correctly finished. Bright zinc plated parts mix with dull gray phosphate coatings for the fresh-from-Hamtramck look. There was more research done with the fasteners than most people spend on their entire cars!

Price on this 1969 Super Bee is $129,000



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